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Moving to a new country is a particularly stressful time.

Many obstacles have to be overcome, they can be time consuming and/or expensive, and the result is not always what you expect.

This is why even when budgets are constrained, taking our relocation agency is on the one hand a short-term expense, while on the other hand it offers you a consistent saving.

XP Relocation services play a major role in assisting you during and after your move abroad, particularly when searching for offices and housing, but also when dealing with formalities, rental arrangements and contracts, education, and social life.

Settling in Belgium, despite the country's hospitality and pleasant life-style, is a complex and arduous task.

XP Relocation can provide you with a friendly and flexible service at a very reasonable price.

We will ensure that the expatriate and his family get premium value for their money, in every way and at every step of their relocation process.

Romain Mehlen & Patrick Ader
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